Sell Your Car

Looking to upgrade to one of the pre-owned models from Lawson Cars? Perhaps you have a model you know longer require and are looking to move on? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that we are one of the UK’s leading purchasers of quality used cars. And, best of all, we work hard to ensure the entire process is as quick and hassle free as possible, meaning you will be able to receive payment in next to no time.

The first step to selling your car to Lawson Cars is for us to conduct a thorough valuation. While many online valuation tools only take into account the vehicle’s age and mileage, we’ll look into both these and other factors, such as any modifications that have been made and the overall condition of the car. As such, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a fair appraisal that reflects the true value of your car.

Once this valuation has been made, you’ll be in a position to make a decision: sell your car to Lawson Cars; use the information provided to sell privately; or use the value of your vehicle in part exchange for your next purchase. This final option will mean you can get behind the wheel of one of our quality used cars for less, all without the added hassle of having to sell your current vehicle prior to purchase.

At Lawson Cars, we aim to supply used cars that are among the most prestigious around. For example, we offer luxury saloons, agile hatchbacks, and sophisticated SUVs from such renowned marques as Audi, BMW, Land Rover, VW and Mercedes-Benz. If you have such a model you wish to sell, contact the team at Lawson Cars today. You can get in touch via online enquiry form, live chat, phone, or in person by visiting our Middlesbrough-based dealership.