Car Warranties

Peace Of Mind Guarantee

We realise that for most people, buying a car is one of the largest purchases they will make. That is why we ensure peace of mind when you collect your pre owned car by registering a gold cover guarantee as standard. Whilst some other companies will supply the lowest cover legally required as standard, we are confident enough to offer the top level of cover with a Crystal Clear Guarantee through Warranty Administration Services Limited. One of the main benefits of using Warranty Administration Services is that any claims on your used car warranty can be carried out at any VAT registered garage in the United Kingdom meaning no matter where you are, if an issue occurs, you are never far away from a helping hand. Warranty Administration Services Limited deal with the garage carrying out the repair to pay them directly with no complicated forms for you!

RAC Repair Costs

RAC Extended Warranty

Today's modern vehicles are far more advanced than their mainly mechanical predecessors. Vehicle manufacturers are quick to incorporate new technologies into their vehicles to improve the driving experience and a quick look under the bonnet will show you that things have changed.

All of our vehicles come complete with three months warranty. One of the benefits of being an RAC Approved Dealer is that our customers have the option of extending their vehicles cover to include RAC BuySure; a guarantee that the car or van has been prepared to the RAC 82 Point Approved Vehicle Standard. This cover is available over 12 or 24 months and comes with 12 months complimentary breakdown cover.

The Warranty from the RAC covers all makes and models of vehicle and can give you the extra reassurance that you're covered in the event of something happening to your vehicle. For additional peace of mind, you can extend the term of the cover as you feel is sufficient for your needs, up to 24 months.

For more information on RAC BuySure or extending the term of your warranty please get in touch with us.

So What Is Covered?

Depending on the terms, conditions, general exclusions and claim limits shown in the policy document, the Gold Cover Guarantee will cover the cost of repairing or replacing any of the parts listed in the policy document where that part has failed as a result of sudden and unexpected mechanical or electrical fault. Wear and tear items are not covered. The cover will also replace any filters, fluids and lubricants required as part of the failed parts repair or replacement.

Items covered vary from policy to policy but as an example usually include: Braking system, Clutch, Cooling system, Electrical system, Engine management, Engine, Final drive, Fuel system, Steering, Suspension, Transmission. Plus, if the car you purchase is fitted with a turbocharger, we will register the turbo cover package free of charge.

For more information regarding any aspect of our warranties, please contact a member of staff.